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At RBW Restructuring & Insolvency we fully understand the distress that personal debt can have on an individual and the impact it can have on both the individual and their family when faced with constant demands for repayment of debts and the possibility of losing assets, which in many cases will probably mean losing the family home.

Our Personal Insolvency experts will spend time with you to fully analyse your financial situation and provide you with the options available to you whether it be a formal or informal solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact our personal insolvency team on 01372 711050 if you require any assistance.


In certain instances where individuals are going through the trauma of battling personal debts, bankruptcy may be the best solution to secure a debt-free future. It is a court-based procedure, where the debtor can either petition to be declared bankrupt or have it forced on them by a creditor.


An IVA is a legally binding agreement between an individual and their creditors. It allows an individual to reorganise their financial affairs and takes away the devastating stress caused by being under sustained financial pressure from the people to whom they owe money.

To enable us to advise, a member of our team will obtain full details of your circumstances to include a full disclosure of all your assets and liabilities.


The personal insolvency team at RBW will be happy to discuss all matters with you and the options available. Please call our personal insolvency team on 01372 711050 or [email protected].