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In today’s ever-changing economic climate, company directors are faced with a variety of financial pressures during the course of trading.  In some circumstances this can lead to cash flow problems with the potential risk of the company becoming insolvent.

The team at RBW Restructuring & Insolvency have the expertise to review and advise upon the best strategy for directors as to whether the company can be restructured to continue trading or advising upon the appropriate steps to formally close the business under the regulations of the Insolvency legislation.

If your company is facing financial difficulties please act as soon as possible to do not hesitate to contact us to speak with one on of our directors on 01992 392030 or email [email protected]


A company administration is an insolvency process which provides protection for companies preventing its creditors from continuing or starting legal action against it for outstanding payments.  This enables the business to be assessed and a restructuring plan to be put into place. The process requires a licensed insolvency practitioner to act as the administrator.


A compulsory liquidation is a company insolvency whereby a company is wound up through the Court.  The Official Receiver can appoint an insolvency practitioner to become the liquidator with the objective to realise the assets of the company and distribute any remaining funds to its creditors.


A CVA is a formal business rescue procedure whereby a company experiencing financial difficulties makes a proposal to its creditors to provide a better return to the creditors than they would achieve in a liquidation and can enable a company to continue to trade.


When a company can no longer trade as it is insolvent, a CVL is a process to enable a company director(s) to formally place a company into liquidation.


An MVL is a solvent liquidation whereby a company has sufficient assets to settle all is debts within twelve months and the surplus is distributed to its shareholders.


If your company is experiencing creditor pressure and financial difficulties, and you would like to understand the administration process in greater detail, please call our head office on 01992 392030 to speak confidentially with one of our directors or email [email protected]